Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Seven Secrets of College Acceptance” Presentations by Pulitzer-Winning Brown Alumnus in Orange County

“Seven Secrets of College Acceptance”Presentations by Pulitzer-Winning Brown Alumnus in Orange County 

Pulitzer Prize winner David Marcus ’82 will share his “seven secrets of college admissions” when he speaks at two Orange County schools in early February.

  • The first presentation is Saturday, February 6 at 7:00 pm at Sage Hill School (20402 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Coast) in the Black Box Theater.
  • The second is Monday, February 8 at 6:30 p.m. at Corona del Mar High School (2101 East Bluff Drive, Newport Beach) in the Lecture Hall.

Both are open for free to Brown alumni and their children in grades 8-12.
His talk will be about 45 minutes long followed by Q&A.

Here are links to Dave’s book and and a couple of articles, as well as some PDFs.

Admissions expert Dave Marcus will be giving practical tips for students and parents who are thinking about the right college. Please encourage your children to attend with you  -- and join us for what will be an enlightening hour that also will ease family tensions about admissions.

“Families in places like Orange County have lost perspective about the college application game,” says Marcus. “It’s not about test scores and stress. It’s about helping our teenagers find their strengths.”

To research his first book, What It Takes to Pull Me Through, Marcus volunteered at a boarding school with struggling teenagers who had been sent away from home.

Marcus then authored the widely-praised college admissions book, Acceptance - the true story of seven students applying to college.  Although he has studied and taught at Ivy League campuses, he cautions parents not to get caught up in the “college name game.” 

Marcus will discuss dozens of “hidden gem” colleges that he’s visited across the country. He emphasizes that what a student does in four years on campus is far more important than the "ridiculous ranking" of the college. He also tells parents to emphasize lifelong learning rather than college admissions.

A graduate of Brown University, Marcus was a fellow at Harvard—yet he notes that a Spanish course at a community college changed his life. That course led to a career as a foreign correspondent that took Marcus to more than 50 countries. For his work on newspaper articles about violence against women, he shared the Pulitzer Prize.

Marcus, who lives in New York, has been featured on the Today Show and National Public Radio. His education and parenting commentaries for the New York Times, Newsweek, Forbes.com and other publications have led to speaking invitations across the country.

The Brown Club of Orange County helped organize this appearance and invites you to meet and hear Dave Marcus in person. Please contact Chiyo Rowe '82 with any questions at 949-903-9666 or chiyoir@gmail.com.

Journalists and those looking for speakers at schools, churches and synagogues can contact David L. Marcus: Dave@DaveMarcus.com

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