Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brown President Chris Paxson in Los Angeles Sept. 25

Bill, Judy, Marcia and Scott attended on behalf of your club, and Scott got to make a few remarks
thanking President Paxson and introducing our club to the 300+, largely LA-based audience. We also got to meet some of our friends from Brown Alumni Affairs such as Ginny McQueen and Lisa Miranda.

Details to be announced, but Brown's new President, Christina Paxson, plans to visit Los Angeles and meet alumni, parents, and friends on Weds., Sept. 25, 2013. If you can make the trip up there, or happen to working in that neighborhood that day, I really recommend you try to meet Chris. She is the 7th of Brown's 19 presidents I'll shake hands with, and a couple I knew pretty well. They were almost all pretty impressive people.

(I'm not that old - the overlap with one president was one year, and some were pretty short-lived.)

You will be asked for money regardless of whether you meet Pres. Paxson, so you might as well meet her. Stay tuned for more info, and help us explain to the Easterners that the OC is not L.A. or San Diego.

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  1. This sounds suspiciously like it was written by Bill McNeely! Ditto on the importance of going. We want to see and be seen, so let me know if you want to go and carpool.